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Our Philosophy

Our relationships begin with conversations, where the client does most of the talking. Every client is different and unique; accordingly, everything we do is custom rather than model- driven. The more we understand the client’s dreams, preferences, history and risk tolerances, the greater our ability to design solutions to meet the client’s objectives.

Most clients share a similar hierarchy of needs---liquidity, income, future liabilities, wealth accumulation, wealth transfer. But the timing, duration and logistics for each step differs greatly from one client to the next.

The financial services industry has become all about scale---mass-producing advice based on models by age or temperament. We are the antidote to mass production. We don’t have models or a composite. We prefer one-on-one. We embrace accountability. We integrate with the client’s tax and legal advisors.

Ours is purposely a holistic approach. The client’s entire financial picture is our purview. We have expertise in retirement plans, asset management, charitable giving, and financial planning, but we also have experience in countless other areas where we can assist in asking the right questions and seeking the proper counsel.

We want to educate clients along the way and demystify much of the noise they hear and read elsewhere. A knowledge of history is tremendously important and the key to realistic expectations. Markets are cyclical, capitalism is mean-reverting, and future returns are unlikely to drift significantly from prior long-term returns. Markets do not know nor care what the client’s own objectives are; it is our responsibility to overlay market conditions with client goals.  Future results are greatly impacted by entry prices, so patience is a skill. Most practitioners prefer clients be fully invested at all times, but we love the option of holding cash.

Our practice is discreet and totally transparent. We look to build a lifetime relationship, and everything we do is with the client’s best interests in mind. Trust is a most precious commodity, and we strive to earn it with every encounter.

Our home is Jackson, Mississippi, but we serve clients around the world. We truly love what we do, love the clients we work with, and it shows.